Lemkin Summit - Day 3 (Lobby Day)

Yesterday we met with:

SC Senator Tim Scott’s Deputy Legislative Assistant

NC Senator Thom Tillis’ Legislative Correspondent, and

NC Representative David Price’s Legislative Assistant/National Security Advisor.

To start with, if you're unsure of what "lobbying" actually means, it's a form of advocacy intended to influence decision-makers in favor of whatever cause the person or persons is/are advocating for.

For us at the Lemkin Summit, on behalf of the Enough Project, we asked for 3 things:

1. For continuing resources for investigations into human rights violations and corruption. Previously $3 million dollars was allocated by Congress for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 and we want to see this same amount for FY2021. These resources allow for investigations into massive corruption and kleptocracy. Ultimately, the refugee crisis is the aftermath of corruption so this allows us to address the root issue. (Senate and House ask; This is the one I got to discuss)

2. For support in bipartisan legislation that requires companies to disclose their beneficial owner(s) when they incorporate and keep their information up-to-date.This helps prevent money-laundering and the funding of corruption. (Senate ask)

3. For support in the renewal of the congressional caucus on Sudan and South Sudan and commit to active participation. Sudan and South Sudan are in transitional periods and this allows for active international support in their process to peace. (House ask)

One of the biggest takeaways from this incredible experience is that you don't have to be a political pro to advocate for what you believe in. All you have to do is care. Many of these meetings are very low key and relaxed. It's meant to be an ongoing relationship with your representatives-- to start and continue a dialogue with them. Be clear, be kind, and show you care about this issue and about the people you are meeting with as human beings.

In the next post, I'll do a wrap up of specific points along with references to resources and opportunities that will be available on (PRE)APPTIVIST.







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