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So, current media platforms aren't helpful enough...

The struggle that nonprofits face using current media platforms was a big reason we created The Apptivist. Your stories and updates being seen are all dependent on algorithms there, but not with us. Our system uses straightforward filters (location & causes) so supporters can easily find your information. We also make our platform flexible to fit your needs.

Want to create a quiz?

Add a special campaign or challenge?

Develop a course on the Apptivist Academy? Add interactive content?


We work with you and listen to your needs to provide the best platform for amplifying your cause. It's like having your own app, but completely free.

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So, you struggle finding invested citizens...

One of the biggest frustrations nonprofits have expressed to us is the struggle of finding true supporters. This platform is strategically made to turn that momentary interest into long-term investment. That is the point of creating an app specifically for activism  (no unrelated content distractions)  and for engaging the mind  (awareness), body (action), and soul (community). The more connected a citizen can feel to a cause (and a nonprofit fighting for that cause), the more they will invest in your mission.

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So, you need to find more partners...

Whether you are looking for an inter-sectional collaboration, a business who will stand with you, or other nonprofits fighting for the same thing... our community listing system can help you with that.


Consider this an activist mapping tool where you can easily locate potential partners in the palm of your hand.