Image by Gia Oris

So, you don't know where to start...

That's why we have our 3 step system.

1- Awareness

2- Action

3- Community


You'll never be left hanging or feeling helpless after learning more about an issue or injustice. You choose the cause you care about and then follow the steps at your own pace.


So, you don't have the time...

 We know not everyone has the time to be a full-time activist, that's why we put in the extra time for you. From seeking out the action opportunities  relevant to your community and the causes you care about, to putting in the research for dependable resources. That's also why we chose the app form. You can easily and quickly access the information.

We also curate "Quick Actions." These are quick things you can do to make a difference. Some Quick Actions include everything from using your #PurchasePower to petitions to sign.

Image by Elijah O'Donnell

So, you don't know who/what to trust...

That's why we work with Advisors who have first-hand experience  with causes and injustices. We screen any information before it is added to the app and source only from credible contributors (yes, you can add to the app, but the information is first vetted). While policy is involved in activism, the resources you get here are from front-line workers, non-profits and credible businesses - not from a political party's agenda or a media conglomerate who's getting dirty money.