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So, current media platforms aren't helpful enough...

With current platforms, your information being seen is all dependent on algorithms, but not with us. Our system uses straightforward filters (location & causes) so customers can easily find the ethical brands they are looking for. We also make our platform flexible to fit your needs.

Want to reward conscious consumers for ethical purchases and  their volunteer hours using our points system?

Display ethically sourced product for purchase?

Develop or collaborate on a course on the Apptivist Academy?

Add interactive content?


We work with you and listen to your needs to provide the best platform for amplifying the ethical vision and mission of your company. It's like having your own app, but completely free.

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So, you struggle finding conscious customers...

Before the Apptivist, our founder worked in small business helping to educate customers on ethical sourcing. We know how hard this can be to communicate, especially with an audience that might not want to hear it. However, with this audience, you have a captive one.

The users on this platform are already actively seeking brands and companies that align with their personal values and causes. Our community feature makes it easy for them to find you.


This is your platform to share how you put the people and planet over profit

Image by Charles Deluvio

So, you need to find more partners...

Whether you are looking for other businesses who will stand with you or nonprofits who will collaborate on community outreaches... our community listing system can help you with that.


Consider this an activist mapping tool where you can easily locate potential partners in the palm of your hand.